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Your waterways solution

Our Vision.

To provide practical, innovative solutions to clean up our rivers for a more sustainable future.

We are a regionally based company made up of native Oregonians with vast experience and equipment to tackle complex salvage operations Safely, Efficiently, On Time, and within Budget.

Our Solution.

Our team of experienced divers, heavy equipment operators and project managers will work tirelessly.  Using our vast equipment and knowledge, we can complete your maritime needs.


From Salvage, clean up and removal to construction, environmental consulting, and engineering-- if it's a project on the water we want to help.

Our Services.

We are located on the Willamette River in Portland, Or. 

and are on call and ready to bid your projects on the Willamette and Columbia Rivers.  

Please contact us so we can learn more.


Removal of sunken or discarded vessels from the river including:






Hazardous waste disposal

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